Learn About Work Week Radio

Meet the Team

Steve Zeltzer:  Co-host journalist/videographer
Sabrina Jacob: Editor/Co-host
Mehmet Bayram: Producer
John Parulis: Internet multi-media/Streaming
Dr. Jayshree Chander: Segment producer healthcare
Silvia Ledezma: Segment producer
Eva Sonsin: Line Producer/Journalist
Tilda USA: Web design

Our Goal

Welcome to Workweek Radio on KPFA and Pacifica.

Workweek covers the struggles of working people both union and unorganized in the US and around the world. We will bring the voices of working people on the air about healthcare, housing, technology, immigration and human rights.

We will also look at issues such as privatization, deregulation, monopolization of the media and other policies that affect not only workers but the public as well.

We also want to develop a web site that workers can get their photos, videos and stories on so we can get all the voices out that need to be heard. We want your feedback and support and you can reach us at

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